June 15, 2012

I love Pinterest!

Pinterest has become a new obsession favorite of mine.  I love being able to pin great things I find all over the internet into one place.  I also love seeing things that friends and people I admire have pinned. But all those pins can get out of control! And out of control does not work in my world.  Some may call me a control freak....I just say that I am organized!  And even my Pinterest boards need to be organized.  For me, organization is about being able to find things (anything) when I need it.

So when I first started on Pinterest, I started with the same boards any new pinner does.  But with the amount of stuff I was pinning and the types of items I sometimes pinned, the pins weren't fitting in the categories given to every new pinner. So, I started creating my own.  But then I found that a lot of my categories were getting very, very large.  I was having a hard time finding things I needed easily.  So, I started breaking down some of the categories into sub-categories.  This has made things so much easier! Currently I have 127 of them...and counting!

Do you pin? What things do you find yourself pinning the most? How many boards do you have? How are they organized? Any Pinterest tips?

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