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You can see our building process here.

Welcome to our happy home! We built this home in 2014 for our family.  We loved our previous home, and it was plenty big for our family, but lacked a yard and had only a small garage.  So we built this home just a few blocks away so that our kids would have a yard to play in, a huge garage for Kevin's workshop, and a bit more room for our family.

We picked this lot because we loved the view.  I love the open fields behind us and the view of the mountains.  And I love that I can see the Bountiful LDS Temple out of every window.

This is our floor plan.  We made a few structural changes, but it is mostly correct (only flipped).  We definitely had a budget, so we wanted to put our money into the home's structure and figured we could  upgrade a lot of the finishes ourselves over the years.  We definitely had a vision for this home from the very beginning.  Our to-do list is never ending and it will forever be "under construction."

The structural changes we made were:

  • 2-foot add-on on the back
  • 2-foot add-on on the side (opposite of the garage)
  • Extended the garage to a 4-car garage
  • 2-foot add to the front of the garage
  • Covered Patio (we will build the deck ourselves)
  • 9-foot ceilings upstairs and downstairs

We have made huge progress on the house so far.  I will try to keep things updated as we work on them.

Office: The front room is our office space.

Living Room: I love the big windows and the comfy couch in this room.  We have eventual plans for a fireplace and built-ins.  Kevin is also going to build me a coffee table.  But we've already made huge progress on this room with the Gallery Wall and the new couch.

Couch - Downeast Home, Square End Table, Armoire, China Hutch - Ashley Furniture, Oval End Table - HomeGoods, Pillows - Target, Drapes - Ikea, Curtain Rod - Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Kitchen: The kitchen is one place where we have MAJOR renovation plans.  I couldn't get the cabinets I wanted through the builder, so I just went with the ones that came with the house (no upgrade).  I didn't want to spend money on cabinets that I still wasn't going to be happy with.  So we will eventually rip all these out (and move them downstairs to the kitchen we are putting in down there) and put in all new cabinets.  But that won't happen for a few years.  I actually like these cabinets (they are a lot like the ones in my old house) but not what I truly want.  My only regret in building this house is that I didn't spend the money to upgrade the cabinets to 42" cabinets.  I think even though we will be switching them all out, it would have been worth the money for taller cabinets.  

Table - Ashley Furniture, Bread Box - Festive Home Designs, Valence - Target (customized)

Bedroom 2&3: We have 5 kids sharing 2 bedrooms right now (until we finish the basement).  They are far from decorated or organized! I will post after pictures once I actually do something with them.


Master Bedroom: I love our bedroom.  I love the big window too! When we finish the basement and get the kids settled, I have some big plans for this room!

Drapes, Nightstands, Dresser - Ikea, Jewelry Box - Bombay, Lamps - Target, Bed - Restoration Hardware, Bedding - Shopko
Nightstands, Dresser, Shelf, Mirror - Ikea, Jewelry Box - Bombay, Lamps - Target, Bed, Sconces - Restoration Hardware, Bedding - Shopko
Light - Overstock
Master Bathroom: Already big changes in the bathroom. 

More updates to come!

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