April 1, 2015

Project: Gallery Wall

For years I have wanted a large gallery wall somewhere in my home.  Over the years, I’ve pinned many, many items giving me inspiration and ideas for layouts.  When we moved into this home last year, I knew that the large wall over the stairs would be perfect.  It would definitely have its challenges as well, but we were up to the task.

I wanted this wall to have a story.  I wanted it to represent our love, what is important to us, and who we want to be.  I decided on this image (the top one) as my inspiration piece and I began searching for items to place up on the wall.  Because it was over the stairs, and not something I could change often, the pieces needed to be timeless.  While I LOVE family photos, I didn’t want pictures that would need to be changed.  I also wanted the wall to be eclectic.  Different shapes, different colors, different textures.

I began scouring stores like Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods looking for the perfect thing.  I actually found most of the items at Hobby Lobby.  I always purchased them when they were 50% off or I had a 40% off coupon.  Slowly the wall started to come together.

When it was time to hang, I gathered all of my pieces and layed them out on the floor to get an idea of where wanted everything and spacing.  We started out by hanging the largest items first and then started placing the smaller items.

Kevin did all the hanging, thank goodness!  It was quite precarious hanging over the edge of stairs.  One wrong move and he would have dropped 12 feet.  Several times he knelt on the edge and reached out one hand for me to hold tightly and balance him as he leaned over the edge.  I’m glad it was him and not me!

I ordered the large scalloped frame from Poppy Seed Projects and put our family photo from when Kevin and I had our LDS Temple Sealing.  While other family pictures change, this was such a special day that this picture will be timeless for us.  I also ordered a print of the Draper, Utah Temple from Deseret Book, which included the date of our sealing.

In the two white frames, I included two quotes that I love.  The first is “Believe There Is Good in the World”, with BE THE GOOD highlighted.  I want to remember, and I want my children to remember, to BE THE GOOD.   The other quote is from the new Cinderella movie (which is wonderful, by the way) “Have Courage. Be Kind.”  So simple, yet so beautiful.

You can download the printables here.

When I did the Have Courage Be Kind, I used my Silhouette to make a chalkboard print with black cardstock and the white sketch pens.  It was my first time using sketch pens, and I have to say, I absolutely loved it!  I think I will be doing more projects like that in the future!  I also used my Silhouette to cut the oval so that it would be exact.  Much easier than cutting it with scissors!

I am thrilled with the result.  It adds so much to the room and I love no longer having a giant blank wall!

After Kevin was done with the gallery wall, I also had him hang my new clock on another living room wall.  The space is finally coming together and I'm loving that our new house is feeling like a home!

 For my ideas on gallery walls, check out my Pinterest page.

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  1. Oh my gosh I love it! I have been wanting to do a gallery wall on the exact same wall in my house so this gives me good inspiration! Thanks so much:)


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