Old Home Tour

Welcome to the tour of our first home.  My husband bought this house in early 2012 in anticipation of our marriage.  We needed a home that would fit our family of 7, be in the school boundaries we wanted, and in our price range.  But when we began looking, we didn't find many houses that met our criteria.  In fact, this house was the ONLY one that did.  And while we actually loved the inside, we knew this would not be our forever house because of the tiny yard and small garage.  But, it would definitely do until we were able to get our forever house.  We had a wonderful time, in the 2+ years we lived in this house, making it into our home.  And because it was the first home that we had together, it made it even more special. So, let's get started with the tour!

The entryway was one of my favorite things about this home.  I love the long hallway with the vaulted ceilings.  You can see how I organized and decorated this space here.

Right off the entryway was my tiny, but functional laundry room.  You can see more about my laundry room here.

My Kitchen and Dining Area (along with the Living Room) was another one of my favorite spaces in this house.  I loved the vaulted ceilings and the openness of this great room.  The kitchen was severely lacking in cabinet space but I loved the big island and the dark cabinets. 

The Master Bedroom was right off of the living room.  It was small but cozy.  It has a nice size bathroom and closet though.

Also upstairs (right off the entryway in the front of the house) were the boys rooms and a bathroom.

Downstairs was our large family that also had my office and the kids toyroom.  When we purchased the house (which was a spec home), we had the builder finish the basement for us.  Originally, the basement was supposed to have three bedrooms, but we decided to remove one of the bedrooms and put in a storage room and a homework/craft room instead.

You can read more about our homework/craft room HERE.

The basement also had the girls bedrooms and bathroom.  Along with the bedrooms there was also a lot of storage under the stairs and in the mechanical room.

The original plans from the builder included a 6 foot hallway in the basement.  To me, that was wasted space.  So, I had them build a closet all the way down the 14 foot hallway.  You can see what we did with this closet HERE.

Well, that's it! Our first home was beautiful and fit our family well on the inside, but was missing some crucial elements on the outside.  See our new home tour HERE.

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