November 19, 2013

Project: Basement Closet

When we purchased our home, we had the builder finish the basement for us before we moved in.  The original plans included a 6-foot hallway in the basement.  Such wasted space!  So, I asked them to put in a 14-foot closet.  I had them leave it completely empty so that we could customize it exactly the way we wanted it later.  Well, later came a couple of weeks ago when my husband had a free day. 

I drew up the plans and began emptying out the closet while he got started cutting and painting the shelves in his shop.  Then it was time to install.  We put shelves in the left side of the closet at specific heights for what I wanted on the shelves.  The hubby installed a divider wall and then braces for each of the shelves.  Then he put the shelves in.

On the other side of the divider, we put a rod up to hang up our winter coats and snow pants in the off season.  

The right side of the closet was left completely empty so that I could put all of the bins (holding off season items and kids too-small clothes).

Here are the shelves once I got them all loaded.

Under the first shelf, on the floor, is a place for all of our suitcases and my Rubbermaid Wrapping Paper bin.  I had measured the tallest item ahead of time so that we could place the first shelf above those items.  This turned out so well because all of the suitcases were accessible and we didn't have to dig to find them!

The bottom shelf was for all of my gift wrapping items.  I have a plastic milk crate that holds all of my gift boxes.  My gift bags are in magazine holders labeled with Martha Stewart Bookplates I picked up from my local Staples. I also have a few boxes of notecards and stationary.

The two drawers hold my tissue paper, bows, ribbons, and gift tags.

The top shelf is for all of my sewing stuff.  I don't use it as often as my gift wrap supplies, but still like it easily available and organized!  I have my sewing machine, serger, sewing box, as well as bins of fabric and other supplies.

Well there you have it folks! Are there any spaces in your home that you have customized to fit your needs?  I'd love to see them if you do!

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