January 25, 2014

How To: Creating a Pretty Pantry

Hello Friends!

I don't know about you, but I am in my pantry about a thousand times a day.  It is a space that is used constantly by me and my family. And like all the spaces that I use all the time, I really like it to be well organized and pretty! So it was time to pretty this space up with some cute contact paper.  I also wanted to show you a few things I've done to keep the space organized and pretty at the same time.

I found this great Chevron Contact Paper and ordered (3) 2-packs a couple of weeks ago.  I finally had a day to devote to the project, so as soon as the kids left for school I started emptying shelves.  I then wiped them down really good before I started to lay down the contact paper.

I measured the contact paper by laying it down on the shelf and then creasing it where I needed to cut.  The contact paper was also wider than the shelf, so it needed to be trimmed to the width before I could lay it down.  I laid it across the right side of the shelves first and used a ruler to get out all the bubbles so that it would lay flat.

On the left side of the shelves, I wanted the chevron to go the same direction, and I wanted it to match up perfectly so that it looked like one seamless sheet, so I had to use 2 pieces to cover that side.

Then I just repeated it on each shelf and then started loading them back up.  I don't have a lot of cabinet space in my kitchen, so my pantry not only holds food, but most of my small appliances as well.

My pantry has gone through several arrangements, trying to find the right organization for each type of items.  I think its important to put the most used items at eye level.  I also use several types of bins, shelves, and organizers to keep things corralled and together.

Top Shelf - This shelf has my small appliances (Rice Cooker, Crock pot, and the Shelf my handy husband made for my waffle iron and griddle, as well as other small appliances)
Second Shelf - This shelf has all of the treats, snacks, drinks (on an Ikea lazy susan) and cereal.
3rd Shelf - This shelf has all of my baking supplies, vitamins, and baking mixes.
4th Shelf - This has all of my canned/boxed foods, oils, drink mixes, and breads.
Bottom Shelf - This shelf has a set of drawers that holds the accessories for my blender and my Bosch, as well as my bosch, blender, hot cocoa maker (in the winter) and paper goods.
The Floor - A few larger items like my clear water dispenser and a basket with the kids lunch boxes.  

I got these great glass jars at Walmart that I put my baking items in.  I used vinyl (cut in a circle with a punch) and I wrote on them with chalk markers.  In the past I had used stickers but found that they don't hold up well when I wash the jars, so I switched to Vinyl.  I love how pretty the glass jars are (although they are not super kid friendly - we've had several dropped lids!)

In my pantry I also have several glass jars that are airtight (like the one I use for my homemade Cream Soup Base) and I got the tall plastic jars from Ikea.

So there ya have it! I'm thinking I may paint the back wall of the pantry in the future so pretty it up even more, so stay tuned!

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