February 12, 2013

Organized Appliances

It's Organizing Your Kitchen month here at An Organized Family and today I am really excited to show you one little thing that has really helped me in my kitchen.

This is a before picture of one of the shelves of my pantry.  You can see that on the bottom shelf, the small appliances are pretty organized, but on the top shelf, they are not.  The griddle is just kind of thrown in there.  This drove me CRAZY!  We use the griddle nearly every morning for breakfast and I hated that it just got thrown in there and it wasn't easy to get at.  And, if we needed the Panini maker or the Waffle Iron then they weren't easy to get at either.

So, I asked my super handy (and handsome) husband to build me a little shelf just for these appliances.  And guess what, he did.  And I LOVE IT!!!!  Now each item has their own organized home and they no longer have to stack on top of each other.  This little shelf makes me happy.  I smile every time I get the griddle out of the pantry.  Every single time!

Is there anything in your kitchen that drives you nuts?  Have you employed a solution to it?  Tell me about it! Better yet, send me a picture!  anorganizedfamily@gmail.com

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