November 4, 2013

Project: Kids Craft and Homework Room

Our Kids Craft and Homework Room is one of my favorite projects ever.  When we bought this house and had the builder finish the basement, we had them put in a storage room and this small area instead of a third bedroom.  I had this craft room in mind from the very beginning.  

So this is the room as we had been living with it for the past year.  We had just put up a portable table and had an extra bookcase in there and some plastic drawers.  It was mess....all the time!  It was definitely time for a change!

I took several trips to Ikea searching for the right furniture and the right pieces to put in the small room.  I had several ideas in mind but it took a lot of time to find just the pieces.

My husband and I made a trip to Ikea on a Saturday morning and purchased everything we thought we needed, plus a few extra things just in case.  It was quite the load!

When we got home, we got all the boxes unloaded and I started working on putting things together. It literally took ALL DAY!  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  I love all that they have and I love the prices, but I hate putting it all together!  But in the is always worth it!

We started out with the desks.  I chose the Alex Drawer unit and a Linnmon Table Top.  I also bought the Adils Legs for each desk but ended up resting the table top on the next set of drawers, so we only used one set of legs for the end.

I chose the Besta line of products for the shelving above and across the desks.  A wall shelving unit with doors, a cabinet with drawers, and a bookcase.  One of the problems we ran into, is that I had planned on having doors on the upper cabinets.  But, with our light fixture, a couple of the doors would not have been able to open and close.  Luckily, my husband was able to put in a couple of can lights instead.  It added a lot more light to the space and we were able to add the doors.


We finished off the room by adding some Bygel Rails and Containers that I of course labeled so that the girls could keep them organized.  We also added some hooks on the other side of the room for the girls to hang their backpacks.

So here is the finished room!  The girls love having their own space to work and keep all of their crafting items.  It's also a really great space for them to do their homework. It really is a dream come true for them and for me!

Want some more inspiration for a kids craft/homework room?  Check out my Pinterest boards for Homework Rooms and Craft Rooms.  


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