January 20, 2013

An Organized Reader: Organized in Austin!

Tamma, a reader from Austin, TX has been doing an awesome job getting organized in her home.  From the looks of it she has been inspired by our challenges and has been working hard!

First off, is her 10-year old son's room, who she loving calls "A Collector."  He had collected a lot of stuff over the last few months and it was time to clean it out!

It looks like Tamma used a great system to make the pile disappear!

She did a great job figuring out what could be donated and trashed.

 And look how nice this room looks after she was done!  Way to go Tamma!    I like the bins with labels!

Next, Tamma tackled some spaces in her kitchen.

Some great before and after's of her medicine cabinet.  I really like how she used bins and labeled things to make it easy to keep things organized and separated.  Labels help her family to keep it that way too.

Onto her spice cabinet.  More bins and labels and other organization tools.  Awesome!

She again did a great job on her pantry making sure everything had a home.

And last, but not least, her office closet.

Seeing these pictures (and others that you are sending) make me heart happy.  I love seeing the changes you are making and how you too are becoming An Organized Family.

Until next time...

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