January 10, 2013

I love a good purge!

Hello my lovelies! I am seeing great photos come in by email for not only the challenges but other areas of your home that you are tackling.  I can see the motivation that is stirring in you and I absolutely love it!  Don't be afraid to post to Facebook with your pictures.  Remember practice is PROGRESS!!!!

I myself have been busy cleaning up Christmas (it is FINALLY down), and have myself finally attacked my Master Bedroom this morning.  I had clothes on the floor, a bag that hadn't been cleaned out since our trip the week after Christmas, and piles of magazines, receipts from Christmas, and other misc. items all over our dresser.  Nightstands needed to be cleared off and now I finally feel I can have the peace and serenity back in my bedroom.  AHHHHHH!  Bad motivator, but I totally forgot to take a before photo.  But here is the after.  It makes me so happy!

Along with the Master Bedroom, I also attacked my closet right across the hall.  This closet is weird.  As you can see, it sits up high because it is over our staircase leading to the basement.  

I had organized it once before which worked for a while.  But, it was again in disarray and needed some purging and cleaning up.  When I had originally organized when I moved into the house, it was summer and so we needed access to all of our pool stuff.  But now that it is winter, we didn't need access to it anymore.  So the majority of our beach towels were moved into bins that during the summer store our winter stuff (boots, snow pants, hats, gloves, etc.)  Love that the bins can switch between the two.  I did leave a few towels just in case the kids went to an indoor pool sometime during the winter months.  I also left the bin of sunscreen because I didn't want to store those in a bin.  But, these items (as well as others that are rarely used) were moved from lower shelves to the top shelf.  The shelf is so high I have to climb up and inside the closet to even get to it.

Other items were also rearranged.  I moved decorative pillowcases and extra sheets to an upper shelf and my bin of regular pillowcases (that I seem to get into often) to a lower shelf.  Want to know how to fold your sheets so they are nice a pretty on your shelf?  Tutorial coming!

I also moved batteries, extention cords, and other often used items lower.

And I of course have my bin of Command Hooks on an easy to reach shelf as they are one of my organizing staples, plus a basket of pillowcases, and a Misc. box that basically has our portable DVD player and cords, some playing cards we use often, and usually holds my camera.

I was left with an almost completely empty bottom shelf with just a blanket I keep upstairs for snuggling on the living room couch (The rest of our blankets are stored downstairs) and the bag I take to church (I am the secretary for our women's organization.)   I keep my camera bag in this closet and used a Command hook to hang it up. And of course, to wrap up the newly organized closet, I had to make it all pretty with some cute labels.

Want to see what I got rid of in this closet?  A lot of trash and some items to be moved down into our newly finished storage room (more to come on that later!)  Boy do I love a good purge!

I'll be posting another challenge tomorrow.  

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  1. This is amazing Amanda! Great work! I'm really inspired.


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