March 4, 2015

Project Update: Mudroom Bench

A few weeks ago I posted about our Mudroom Bench project.  I wanted to update you now that we have been living with it for a couple of months.  I have to say, that I absolutely L-O-V-E it! It has been wonderful having a place for 7 of us to hang our coats and jackets and a place to put our shoes.  It is also really nice to have a place to put bags that we use often (like our church bag) and my favorite My Eco reusable shopping bags.  Also bags with items that need to be returned tend to end up here is as well.

After finishing the bench, I went on a search for bins that would fit.  I measured the spaces, put the measurements in my phone, took a measuring tape with me in my purse and headed out.  I have to say, it was more difficult than I thought it would be.  

I went first to HomeGoods.  I found 3 bins (the 2 tan and one blue one on the bottom) that were the perfect size, sturdy, and really what I was looking for for the bottom cubbies.  I was disappointed that I couldn't get all the same color, and VERY disappointed that they only had 3. They even checked other stores and no one had any.  So I bought those, and a few other baskets for the top shelf and headed to the next store, Marshalls.  

At Marshall's I found the cute gray bins on the end.  But, they only had 2.  So bought those, a few more possibilities for the top shelf, and headed to Gordman's.  

At Gordman's I didn't find any that matched what I had already purchased.  They had a couple that were a similar style to the 3 I found at HomeGoods, but they were a different size and leather.  I bought them, just in case.  I also bought even MORE possibilities for the top shelf.  At this point I figured it was impossible to find 5 baskets that all match for the bottom and 5-7 that match for the top.

My last stop was TJ Maxx.  I found a few more possibilities of the top shelf, but nothing for the bottom.  It was interesting that almost all of these stores carried the same styles, but not the same sizes or patterns.  

When I got home I had 7 possibilities for the bottom and about 15 for the top.  I really, really liked the original bins from HomeGoods, so I tried to find them online.  The brand was a Chinese trading company that doesn't actual sell to individuals. Darn.

So, I began mixing and matching and coming up with combinations of different baskets and finally settled on what I have now.  Do I absolutely love them? No. Do I like them? Yes! Can I live with them? For sure!

On the top shelf, I ended up with 6 similar style baskets in 4 different patterns.  I added Martha Stewart chalkboard tags (purchased at Staples) and with my chalk marker put everyone's initial on them.  There's no pretty basket for Kevin, but he actually keeps his winter gear in his closet with his hunting gear.

Right now I have a few beach towels and some extra baskets up top.  They aren't pretty, but they are functional.  Eventually, I would like to add cabinet doors up top so I can use it for storage for off-season items and have them behind closed doors.

So there you have it! One of my favorite projects of all time and one of my favorite spots in the house.  

Check out more mudroom benches on my Pinterest page.

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