March 22, 2015

Tips to Organization - Tip #1

People often ask me how I'm so productive in my days.  I get more done in one day than many do in 3 days.  But it all comes down to organization and planning.  I can be more productive because my days are built on routines and they are carefully planned out and streamlined.  Does this mean that every day is productive? No! I have off days too.  But for the most part, I get the things done that need to because of a few routines I've put into place and I have a plan for each day.

So, I've decided to post some Tips to Organization that are second nature to me, but I think can be helpful to you.  Hopefully these will help you get your mind thinking and planning so that you can be more productive too!  

Please leave a comment below when you've completed tonight's tip!  Also be sure to check out my Morning Routine Post to help streamline your mornings and my Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping Post to help with your meal planning!

Tips to organization - Plan out your week

Find all my tips to organization here.

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