April 24, 2015

Organizing Your Food Storage

When we first moved into our new home, one of the first things we did was build shelves in our cold storage and I set to work organizing it.  Then the case-lot sales happened.  And then it got cold.  And going down into the cold storage and spending time putting away all of the case-lot purchases would have required a coat, gloves, and hat.  And it would still be cold.  I do NOT like the cold.  I lived in Texas for 11 years and loved the heat there.  I dread each and every winter in Utah.  So, I put off re-organizing and putting away everything until spring.  Well spring has arrived and it was finally warm enough this week (and I had time) to spend some time down in the cold storage and tidy things up.

There was so much to put away, that it couldn't even be contained in the cold-storage and spilled out into the storage room.

It took me a few hours and lots of rearranging but I finally got everything put away.  And it makes me happy to have an organized cold-storage again.

One of the things I tell people when I am helping them organize is "Put the things you use the most closest and at eye-level."  Well that is exactly what we have here.  The first shelves when you walk in is toilet paper, paper towels, beans, condiments, breakfast items, and my 5-gallon buckets of flour and sugar. The items we use the most.

The next set of shelves has soups, pasta, and vegetables. The third set of shelves is baking items, fruit, drinks, and snacks.   Snacks are actually something that we use a lot, but I don't like to put them front and center or they tend to disappear.  So they get stuck in the back so they aren't as easy for the kids to grab.  

The end shelf has canning supplies, some extra household items, paper goods, packaged foods (which we don't eat very often), and drink and water storage.

It's so nice to have my storage room back.  Things are accessible and easy to find.  Make this organizer heart happy.

Do you have food storage? How do you organize it?

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