January 3, 2013

Get Organized in 2013 Challenge #2 - Give, Oh Give Away

Hello friends! How are you feeling about yesterdays challenge? Leave me a comment if you haven't done so already.  Ready for today's challenge?

Organizing challenge #2 - Give, oh give away!

Do you have your large box ready? If not, go grab one. Now, just like yesterday quickly go from room to room and grab anything that you are willing to donate. Things you haven't used in at least 6 months to a year, things that may be broken but can be fixed, clothes that are too big or too small or out of date (you know you still have those jeans from high school you are hoping you will get into again one day!). Again, avoid the urge to clean, organize, or think about things. If you have to think about it, we'll tackle that later.   Now take that box directly out to your car so that you can drop it off at a donation place the next time you are out.

Have that medium box ready? Now go put it in a convenient place for you to place things in there frequently. (A coat closet, laundry room shelf, etc.)  When it is full, put it in your car and put another box in its place.

How did that feel? Do you feel lighter already? Invigorated? I get excited just thinking about all of you starting on the path to An Organized Family! Way to go!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing and feeling.  Are you struggling at all? What is hard about this? I want to know so I can help you and cheer you on. I would love to see pictures of what you were able to get rid of today. Send me an email or post in on my facebook page.

Now for some homework! In preparation for tomorrows challenge you will need a trash bag, your donation box, and another box or large basket (I use a laundry basket or big plastic bin).  Ready, set, go!

See ya tomorrow!

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