January 4, 2013

Getting Organized in 2013 Challenge #3 Master Bedroom

Ok friends, you have been doing so great the last couple of days!  I have loved seeing the photos coming in of all of the trash you are throwing away and the boxes you are donating.  You are doing a GREAT job!  Let's keep it going.

So....ready for

Getting Organized in 2013 - Challenge #3... The Master Bedroom

Now, you may be thinking "Out of all of the spaces in my house, why does she choose to start with the Master Bedroom?"  Well, the answer is actually quite simple.  You are going to be putting in a lot of hard work over the coming days, weeks, and months getting the rest of your house organized.  I want you to have ONE place in your house that is a place of peace and refuge from the chaos that surrounds you.  And while there may be places in your house that are in more chaos than  your master bedroom, it is YOUR space.  If you were to clean a child's bedroom first....would it be so easy to take refuge in there when the day is done?  Nope!!!  So let's give YOU some peace right off the bat!

First off, I want you to close your eyes and make a picture in your mind of what you envision your master bedroom to be.  Do you want it peaceful and relaxing?  A place for you to escape? A place for sleep and maybe even some romance?  Now just sit on that for a moment.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Ok, so right now what does your master bedroom look like?  Piles of laundry?  The catch all? Lefttover Christmas wrapping? (I was out of town for a week after Christmas, so I am totally guilty of this one.)  Do you do a lot of your work in there? Do your kids' stuff tend to end up in there? (I have one who likes to sneak in and sleep on the floor next to the bed).  This is YOUR space!  YOUR refuge.  YOUR peaceful place.  TIME TO TAKE IT BACK!!!!

Yesterday I asked you to grab 3 items to prepare for today.
1. A Trash Bag (for trash)
2. A box (for donations - feel free to grab the one we stashed at the end of yesterdays challenge)
3. Some sort of large basket or bin. (Laundry basket, big Rubbermaid tote, etc. for putting things in that don't belong in YOUR bedroom.)

Before you begin, take a picture!  I want you to be able to see the progress you make!

Now, slowly move through your room putting everything on the floor, bed, dressers, and nightstands into the proper place or receptacle.  If the clothes are dirty, put them in the laundry basket. If they are clean, hang them up.  If they are too big or too small or out of style or don't make you feel FANTASTIC about yourself, throw them in to the donation box.  If they are stained, ripped or torn or have been in need of repair and you just aren't ever getting to it, THROW THEM AWAY!  If the clothes don't belong to you or your husband and are dirty, throw them in the laundry.  If they are clean, put them in the laundry basket to be sorted into other rooms later.  Anything that belongs in a another room and doesn't fit in with your vision for your room, put in the bin to be sorted later.  If it is something that belongs in your room, put it in its place.

You are done for today!  Well done!  More to come tomorrow in the Master Bedroom.  You are on your way to making your room your sanctuary!

Now take a picture of what you have accomplished and either email them to me or post them on facebook.  Can't wait to see your progress!


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