May 16, 2014

New House Update 1

Hello friends,

I thought I would give you an update on our house.  We worked out all of our plans and went to the design center and picked out all of our finishes.  While the house isn't our dream home yet, it is still going to be a beautiful home!

April 23 - They started digging!  This was an exciting day.  It was so fun to see the process finally get underway.

April 30 - They poured the footings.

May 3 - The forms to begin pouring the foundation are up!

May 6 - We have a foundation!  Things are really coming along.  You can see from this panorama photo the 9-foot ceilings in the basement over by the cold storage (under the porch).  It was also interesting to see that you could see only one of the window cut-outs in the foundation.  That's when we knew that the rest of the windows would be above ground.  We were really happy about this because it will provide a lot more light in the basement so it feels more like main-level living instead of a basement.

May 14 - We have a basement floor and a garage floor.  

Framing comes next!

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