June 7, 2014

New House Update 2

Hello friends!

The house is really coming along.  We've gone from just a foundation to walls inside out and a roof!  Here's how it progressed.

May 16 - They framed the basement inside and out. We even had the floor of the upstairs!

May 20 - They've framed quite a bit of the upstairs.  The exteriors walls are all up and quite a few of the interior ones as well.

May 21 - The roof started going up.  I loved seeing the 14-foot ceilings in the garage.  That is going to provide a lot of upper storage space!

May 23 - Putting the OSB on the roof.

June 2 - All of the interior walls were in and they had started putting in the plumbing.  This is a picture of the master bath and shower.  I'm so excited for the jet tub!

June 5 - They started putting shingles on the roof.

Meanwhile - our current home went up for sale!  Hopefully it won't take too long to sell it.

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